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About us

Redwood Education Network (REN) was established in the year 2008 (PAN No.: 607133653) as a tuition institute and a learning-oriented education consultancy in Nepal. REN has been serving students by providing extra help to them, the extra push that they need to excel in their studies. We at REN believe that there is tremendous potential in every individual and all that is needed to tap this potential is to give the individual the space to grow and explore. We are here for all students of Nepal who seek any guidance regarding abroad studies and aim to expand our services globally.

REN teaches students how to tackle examination questions by making them practice past papers and/ or practice papers. Students have to sit for tests to see their progress. Parents are also informed about the progress of the students on a regular basis. The parents and students can consult with our tutors and consultants at each step of the process.

With an experience of 9 years in providing tuition services to the students, in the year 2017 REN extended its services to the students. With globalization, students seek to study in foreign countries with top educational facilities and resources. Thus we expanded our services by providing exam preparation like IELTS, TOEFL, and SAT as well as counseling students to be able to choose the best education consultancy in Nepal and institute for their further education. Our motto is to provide the highest quality of counseling to students in the selection of colleges and universities to find the right educational programs based on their needs and talents. We also provide guidance and help the students for application procedures and visa processing. We inform students about foreign policies of education and abroad studies procedures as well. We promise students the most study- friendly and congenial environment with the state-of-the-art facilities for study abroad, test preparations, Language courses, and other professional training courses.

We aspire to satisfy every student, their guardian and every partner institution that we work with. We take upon our responsibilities very seriously as we aim to fill the gaps saying ‘what needs to be done’. We are committed to gender equality and we have education services for all.

about us