A Level in Nepal

Redwood Education is among the top, well-equipped and cutting edge A level tuition provider in Nepal. We are a registered and reputable education service provider constantly working to provide educational guidance and support. A level in Nepal is a widely accepted and desired course among students as it sets them up in the pursuit of higher education in the liberal arts or pure science. Students pursuing computer studies, accountancy, and management faculties can also benefit greatly from this course. For engineering and medical colleges, you can expect to be well prepared after the completion of A level.

A Level refers to the Advanced Level General Certificate of Education (GCE). It is a universally accepted accomplishment at the secondary level. This globally benchmarked qualification gives amazing preparation for College/University Education. It is generally recognized and esteemed by colleges and employers alike. University of Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) sets the A Level examination.

When a student gets 3.5 credits, i.e. 3 A Level full credit evaluations and .5 half credit, A Level is commonly thought to be ‘finished’ in Nepali context. In Nepal, GCE A Level is considered equivalent to the 10+2 course program governed by the Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB), Nepal.

Many ask the same question, ‘who can apply?’ SEE/GCSE/CBSE or equivalent tests are accepted during the time of admission. So students who have taken either of those at the time of admission can apply. The principle requirement of A level in Nepal, as well as other countries, is a proficient scholarly capacity to fulfill the rigors of this challenging program.

Although students may take more than required credits relying on their interests and abilities, they are expected to take no less than 4 subjects including English General Paper. Understudies are surveyed on a grade scale from A* granted for the highest level of accomplishment, to E showing base expected performance to qualify as a pass. U refers to a fail which is short for ungraded.

We are committed to assisting the students at all cost. For this, we have the provision of experienced faculty members, world-class infrastructure and a friendly and nurturing educational environment for them in their highest level of education. At the same time, Redwood ensures an independent learning environment overall. To enroll, get in touch with us so that we can further discuss your future.